We offer a bespoke picture framing service, meaning every frame that we produce is handmade to order, unique to you and your artwork. Whatever it is that you would like framing, we can frame it.

Original Artwork

Oils, Watercolours, Drawings, Pastels and Acrylics


Prints, Photographs, Posters, Maps and Certificates


Tapestries, Needlework, Canvases, Flags and Embroidery


Sporting Shirts, Card Collections, Album Covers, Medals and Plaster Castings


Mirrors, 3D items, Chalkboards

These are just some of the many items we can frame. Why not call us or visit our workshop to discuss something you would like framing?

Framing Options

As every frame that we produce is bespoke, there are endless possibilities as to how we can frame your artwork. Below are examples of popular framing styles. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, call or visit us today and we would be more than happy to help.

Moulding Options

We stock over 250 frame mouldings, from classic and traditional gilts to natural hardwoods and metal foils, offering you a wide selection of styles and colours to choose from. Visit our workshop where our experienced framers can assist you in selecting the most suitable frame and mount so you can display your artwork at it’s best.

Glass Options

We offer a variety of glass options. The most cost effective glass for framing is standard glass, but for more important pieces we offer alternative glazing solutions.

Reflection in Art Glass vs Regular Glass

Art Glass – A non-reflective glass meaning there are no mirror-like effects, making the glass almost invisible.

Conservation Glass – A protective glass which blocks UV rays that would otherwise fade or damage the artwork.

Museum Glass – A combination glass with both non-reflective and UV protective qualities. There are no reflections meaning viewing quality is greatly improved whilst the artwork is also protected against UV fade and damage.