Mount Cutting 

We also offer a mount cutting service, suiting a variety of customers. Whether we are framing and mounting your art, printing and mounting your photos or remounting a framed image of your own, we can provide the mounts you require. There are a range of thicknesses, materials and colours to choose from. Whatever your needs are, we can provide a mount to suit them.

Our mount cutting service is completely bespoke. Each mount is cut to order, ensuring we meet your exact needs. We use a computerised mount cutter which cuts with extreme precision, cutting almost any shape: from the standard frame shape to multi windows, circles and even t-shirts. Likewise, we can cut mounts almost any size, up to a maximum of 64×44 inches.

As with everything we produce, quality is our top priority. Therefore, we use conservation mount card as standard. This is pH neutral meaning it does not contain any acid that may damage your artwork. Alternatively you can opt for museum quality board, a higher quality mount board that complies with Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG) museum standards.

Framed Mount Options 

Below are examples of popular mount styles. However there are endless possibilities as to how we can mount your artwork. Contact us and our experts will be happy to discuss the best mount options for your artwork.

We stock a wide variety of mount cards with different thicknesses, colours and finishes. Come in and see us today so we can help you to mount your pictures at their best.